Travel Pocket In The News

Travel Pocket is featured on, January, 5, 2015:

Wisconsin Startup Introduces Wallet Designed to Foil E-Pickpockets
Give pickpockets their due. It takes undeniable skill and dexterity to weave through a crowd and steal a wallet with the victim none the wiser—or to use a radio scanner to steal signals transmitted by the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted on passports and an increasing number of “contactless” smart credit cards...
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Travel Pocket is featured in the BizStarts Milwaukee newsletter, December 2014:

BizStarts Featured Company: Travel Pocket
Did you know that over 400,000 people are pickpocketed each day? Leo Vitangcol invented Travel Pocket to help others avoid becoming part of that statistic. Leo, Dave Clark, Mina Vitangcol and Donna Clark started Wellspring Ideas, LLC to bring Leo's solution to vulnerable travelers...
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Travel Pocket is featured in the Innovations section of BizTimes, August 8, 2014:

Travel Pocket Thwarts Pickpockets
Increasingly, identity thieves are engaging in a form of electronic identity theft in which a thief scans a person's purse or wallet and nabs the financial information contained inside. Leo Vitangcol and Dave Clark wanted to prevent that from happening to travelers, so they invented Travel Pocket... Read the full story at