Travel Pocket Features

  • Stop Pickpockets!
    Travel Pocket is securely attached - pickpockets can't easily remove it like they can a wallet. Travel Pocket has a Hook & Loop closure - nobody's going to open it secretly. You have to pull on it and it makes that distinctive sound. There is even an additional strap that can be secured to your belt!
    Travel Pocket worn under arm to stop pickpockets   Travel Pocket snaps securely to belt
  • Stop Electronic Pickpockets and Identity Theft!
    RFID-Blocking Technology prevents the scanning of your credit cards.
    RFID Protected
  • Easy to Put On!
    Just slip one arm in and then the other. It's easier than putting on your shirt!
    Slipping one arm into Travel Pocket   Slipping second arm into Travel Pocket
  • Hidden Pocket!
    Travel Pocket easily hides under your jacket or sweater.
    Travel Pocket hidden under jacket
  • No Need to Reach Inside Your Pants or Shirt!
    Unlike other hidden pockets, Travel Pocket allows you to access the contents without the embarrassment of reaching into your pants or shirt.
  • Resists Tearing and Cutting!
    Travel Pocket is made with Urethane-Coated 400 Denier Nylon to resist tearing and cutting. The adjustable belt is polypropylene webbing (that's what race car safety netting is made of). Travel Pocket stays securely attached and the contents remain safely inside.
  • Can Be Worn by Left-Handed or Right-Handed People!
    Travel Pocket is worn on the left side. It's equally easy for left-handed people or right-handed people to use.
  • Comfortable!
    Travel Pocket is adjustable and elastic, so it fits you perfectly and moves with you. It's so comfortable that you can even sleep in it!
  • You Decide What to Put Where!
    Travel Pocket has two slots, one with the hook & loop closure and one without. You choose what goes behind the secure closure.
  • Doesn't Cause Hip or Sciatic Nerve Problems!
    Because Travel Pocket is worn under the arm, and not in the back pocket like a traditional wallet, it won't irritate your hip or cause sciatic nerve aggravation.
  • Safely Take Valuables With You!
    With Travel Pocket your valuables are secure wherever you go. You don't need to leave them in the hotel safe.
  • Made in USA!
    Travel Pocket is proudly made in the United States, from all U.S. materials. When you purchase Travel Pocket you buy a product of the highest quality and you support family-owned American businesses.