Travel Pocket Testimonials

Travel Pocket on white shirt, keeping valuables safe from pickpockets.

We're thankful for our customers and we're honored to serve them. We're also grateful when they tell us about how much they like Travel Pocket. Here are just a few of the nice things that people have said about us.

"It keeps my things secure."
- Jeff E.

"As a Harley Davidson rider, I see this as a great product to safely and securely hold my wallet and phone. Smartphones today are not cheap. Would hate to lose a phone or my wallet while cruising down the back roads. I also ride in poor weather...nothing like having to unzip your rain pants to get your wallet. The Travel Pocket makes accessibility much easier. Great Idea!! I also attend a lot of trade shows. I put my wallet in my front pocket while I walk in large crowds for a day or two in an attempt to prevent a pick pocket. Having the Travel Pocket would solve that issue as well."
- Steve R.

"It's comfortable!"
- Kristin E.

"No more pain from a wallet in my back pocket!"
- Jerry H.

"It's easy to put on, and I don't have to wear a sport coat to carry my wallet in."
- Tim S.

- Kathy L.

"Comfortable and easy to put on."
- Dave M.

"Conceals better than the pocket with the string around your neck."
- Tom D.

"Great idea!"
- Brad B.

"People never know you're carrying anything. A magician couldn't get your money out of there."
- Phil L.