About Us

Our Founders
Wellspring Ideas, LLC, was founded by two friends, Leo and Dave. Leo is the inventor, always looking for unique solutions to everyday problems. Dave is the businessman, with the experience to know it takes more than a good idea to be successful. You also have to serve your customers, delivering what they want when they want it.

Family-Owned Business
Leo and Dave, together with their wives, Mina and Donna, started Wellspring Ideas to bring Leo's ideas to the people who can benefit from them the most.

Travel Pocket on white shirt, keeping valuables safe from pickpockets.

About Travel Pocket
Travel Pocket was born from Leo's frequent travels and an unfortunate run-in that Donna had with identity thieves. It was always so disappointing to Leo to be told to leave his valuables in a hotel safe, or to keep his money inside his sock, or, even more uncomfortably, in his pants. It just isn't right that pickpockets and thieves should take the joy out of family vacation or ruin a business trip. And then Donna had a very bad experience. Somebody got Donna's credit cards. They never actually touched her cards, or even saw them. They used a scanning device to electronically read and record Donna's credit cards right through her purse! Donna didn't know how common this type of crime has become. She thought her credit cards would be safe as long as she held on to her purse. That's just not the case anymore. The electronic pickpockets got every one of Donna's credit cards without ever getting inside her purse. That sealed it! Travel Pocket had to be made available to everybody who wanted to stay safe, and RFID-Blocking Technology had to be built in to stop not only regular pickpockets but electronic pickpockets as well. And there you have it, the story of Travel Pocket. Coming soon, no doubt, to your favorite retailer. In the mean time, visit our Purchase page to get one for yourself.