Travel Pocket

Stop Pickpockets & Electronic Identity Theft!

Travel Pocket in use keeping money, passport, credit cards and tickets safe while traveling.

Keep Your Money, Credit Cards, Tickets, and Passport Safe From Thieves and Electronic Pickpockets!
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Travel Pocket is Your Best Protection for 3 Reasons:

Symbol showing RFID Protected
  • Protects You From Physical Pickpocketing
  • Protects You From Electronic Pickpocketing
  • You Don't Need To Reach Into Shirt or Pants to Access Your Money

These days, thieves don't even have to steal your wallet or get into your purse, they just have to scan it with their phone!
Scanning credit cards through a woman's purse, using a cell phone.
How do you keep your money and credit cards safe from not only pickpockets, but electronic pickpockets?

    Travel Pocket Is The Answer!
  • RFID-Blocking Material - Your Credit Cards Stay Safe
  • Wears Under Your Arm - You Know It's There
  • Hook & Loop Closure - Keeps Thieves Out

And It's Easy To Put On!

Crowd of people rushing past creating a target rich environment for pickpockets.

There are about 400,000 pickpocketing incidents in the world every day!

You know you have the original Travel Pocket when you see this package:

Travel Pocket on white shirt, keeping valuables safe from pickpockets.

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